BioLyte Laboratories is a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer that steps in right where you need us, to achieve a quality OTC product. With an emphasis toward manufacturing natural health and beauty consumer goods, we bring our industry expertise and relationships to the table for your first-run prototype or existing products — from formulation to production to packaging.


  • Private label formulations and new formulations
  • Timely delivery of approval stage samples
  • Microbiological and stability testing backup data provided for each product


  • Licensed by the State of Michigan as a pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Products are formulated and manufactured in an ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom
  • Adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration


  • Comprehensive automatic filling services at ISO level 7 Cleanroom standards
  • Visual inspection for a high quality end-product
  • Labeling, along with heat induction or shrink sleeve application for full-service packaging

We comply with client confidentiality for all formulation, manufacturing and packaging processes, adhering to a mutual non-disclosure agreement between BioLyte Laboratories and our clients.


BioLyte Laboratories exists to enhance life through the power of natural botanicals and minerals. Our team is comprised of a product formulator, primary care clinicians, and production specialists. With our lab located in the Great Lakes Region, we’re rooted in a love for nature and active living spanning walkways, bike trails, and beaches.


NeoRelief therapeutic gels and creams use specially formulated, active botanicals and minerals to provide gentle, alternative pain relief.